Wirth Research

Wirth Research is a multi-faceted, high technology, research and development company, founded in 2003, by former Simtek Grand Prix owner and Benetton F1 Chief Designer, Nick Wirth. The group specialises in research, development, design and manufacture for the motor racing industry and other high technology sectors.

Wirth Research commissioned a film to help demonstrate the pioneering work that they do, in a clear, concise manner.  Fronted by the founder Nick Wirth, Paul used a combination of motion graphics, footage shot on location, and archive to help realise their brief.

Director – Nick Ryle & Dave Hills

Editor – Paul Pritchett-Brown

Project Details

Client : Current Sponge - Wirth Research
Date : 11/10/2011
Skills : Editor, Graphics/Imagery
Address : http://www.wirthresearch.com/

Contact us on 01962 926 962