Vodafone – Future Breakers

As part of the Vodafone Future Breakers campaign, and in collaboration with Capital FM – “Take to the Stage”, a competition to up and coming musicians was launched, with the winner being given the chance to perform at Wembley Stadium in from of 80,000 people by opening the Capital FM Summertime Ball with Vodafone.

The series tracked the two finalists, as they experienced life as an established pop star.  With make-overs, film premiers, and concerts, they battled it out in a multi-part series across 4 weeks, with each episode being released within 48 hours of filming, culminating in the final reveal.

As well as the web-videos, 3 x summary films were created to be shown on the big screens around Wembley stadium on the day.  The film above is the first of those 3 films, you can view all three of the Wembley films here.

The entire series of can be seen here.  (http://promo.capitalradio.co.uk/summer-time-ball/episodes)

Director/Producer – Lucy Patrick Ward
Editor – Paul Pritchett-Brown

Project Details

Client : Global | Vodafone | Capital FM
Skills : Editor, Graphics/Imagery
Address : http://www.thisisglobal.com/

Contact us on 01962 926 962