The Virgin Strive Challenge

The Virgin Strive Challenge (http://www.strivechallenge.com/) is an event organise by The Big Change Charitable Trust (http://www.bigchangecharitabletrust.org/). ¬†Whilst at first glance it appears to be an endurance challenge to travel from point A to point B entirely under human power – The first challenge the team went from London to the top of the Matterhorn – Strive is more than that, it’s an opportunity to bring focus to an important part of young peoples development – Life Skills.

As part of the social media plan, a series of short films we’re commissioned to be filmed and cut, whilst the challenge was underway.


Project Details

Client : Sundog Pictures - Big Change Charitable Trust
Date : 09/01/2014
Skills : Editor, Graphics/Imagery
Address : http://www.bigchangecharitabletrust.org/

Contact us on 01962 926 962