Moshi Monsters – Lady Goo Goo

The sensation that is Moshi Monsters has spawned many an adorable character, but one that was taken to the hearts of literally millions of children was “Lady Goo Goo” and her musical genius.   Mind Candy were realsing a Moshi Monsters album, and as part of that was the “Lady Goo Goo Dance”.

As part of the release, two video’s we’re commissioned, one entirely animated (see the stills above) and a second, featuring a dance routine (think Maccarana for the noughties)  with live action combined with animation.  Choreographed and Directed by Gemma Cocker, and all post carried out by Paul, it was set to take the world by storm,  until Lady Gaa Gaa’s laywers decided to get involved, where upon it was cut, never to see the light.

Client – Mind Candy

Director – Gemma Cocker

Editor – Paul Pritchett-Brown



Project Details

Client : Mind Candy
Date : 03/09/2012
Skills : Editor, Camera Op, Director
Address : http://www.moshimonsters.com

Contact us on 01962 926 962