Break the Taboo – Feature Documentary

A feature documentary from Sundog Pictures and Spray Filmes recounting the history of the War on Drugs, with contributions from former presidents and Prime Ministers from around the world. Voiced by Morgan Freeman (English Version) & Gael Garcia Bernal (Spanish Version) it kicked started the global conversation on the failing war on drugs. Since it’s launch, US legislation across a number of states has been ammended.  The film is currently available to view on Netflix.

Paul was assistant Producer on the film, and was camera operator on the majority of the UK based shoots.

Director – Cosmo Feiden Mellen &  Fernando Grostein Andrade

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Project Details

Client : TommusRhodus
Date : 03/09/2014
Skills : Camera Op, Producer
Address : http://sundogpictures.co.uk/tv-film/breaking-the-taboo/

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