Plant For Peace

James Brett went from selling pomegranates in paper bags, to selling pallets of their juice in their millions.  With the money he raised, and the contacts he’d made whilst sourcing the fruit, he decided to take on the worlds leading source of illicit money Drugs. By convincing the Afghan government, that growing Pomegranates was a viable alternative to Farmers then the Poppy,  he went on numerous occasions to speak directly to the farmers, and show them the benefits from changing their crops.   Armed with hours of footage, James turned to Current Sponge to help in creating a short film to help promote his campaign in the western world

Client – Plant for Peace

Director – Nick Ryle

Editor – Paul Pritchett-Brown


Project Details

Client : Current Sponge - Plant For Peace
Date : 2010
Skills : Editor, Producer
Address : http://plantforpeace.org/

Contact us on 01962 926 962