The Aegis Trust

The Aegis Trust, the UK-based genocide prevention organization, was invited to establish the Kigali Genocide Memorial in partnership with the Kigali City Council and the Rwandan National Commission for the Fight against Genocide (CNLG). It was opened in April 2004, the tenth anniversary of the start of Rwanda’s genocide.  Having successfully completed this project, the Aegis Trust now manages the Kigali Genocide Memorial and has been asked to develop it into an internationally significant site.

As part of this development, two films we’re commissioned to be shown at the entrance and exit to the memorial.  Directed by Emmy nominated director Jenny Ash and edited by Paul Pritchett-Brown and Jamie Williams, these films truly bring home the abhorrent events that took place, how those who witnessed them have survived since, and offers a future for the country to move forward, never forgetting, but never repeating either.

Director – Jenny Ash

Editors – Paul Pritchett-Brown & Jamie Williams

Project Details

Client : Sundog Pictures - The Aegis Trust
Date : 03/18/2015
Skills : Editor
Address : http://www.aegistrust.org/

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