360° University of Hertfordshire 23rd June 2016

***360° video isn’t supported in Safari – Have another little look in Chrome*** To reaffirm the University of Hertfordshire’s place as the university to attend, they commissioned a 360° film to feature as much of the campus and their facilities as possible, but at the same time to help convey the warm and friendly feel those that attend experience throughout their time their. Produced, Directed and Edited, including all 360° stitching – Paul Pritchett-Brown DOP – Simon Waldock Scriptwriter – Tim Allsop VO…

SAP 17th March 2015

SAP came to Glassy Pictures Looking for a new animation of their corporate logo, specifically for their new “Code Talk” project.  We were able to talk through a variety of different routes they could take, and once a concept had been agree’d upon, SAP were very happy with final new “Intro” & “Outro” idents that were created.

Plant For Peace 24th February 2015

James Brett went from selling pomegranates in paper bags, to selling pallets of their juice in their millions.  With the money he raised, and the contacts he’d made whilst sourcing the fruit, he decided to take on the worlds leading source of illicit money Drugs. By convincing the Afghan government, that growing Pomegranates was a viable alternative to Farmers then the Poppy,  he went on numerous occasions to speak directly to the farmers, and show them the benefits from changing their crops….

Snowskool 19th December 2014

Since setting up in 2003, Snowskool has become one of the country’s largest ski and snowboard instructor course organisers in the country, with operations taking place in Canada, France, New Zealand & Switzerland.  

Break the Taboo – Feature Documentary 20th March 2014

A feature documentary from Sundog Pictures and Spray Filmes recounting the history of the War on Drugs, with contributions from former presidents and Prime Ministers from around the world. Voiced by Morgan Freeman (English Version) & Gael Garcia Bernal (Spanish Version) it kicked started the global conversation on the failing war on drugs. Since it’s launch, US legislation across a number of states has been ammended.  The film is currently available to view on Netflix. Paul was assistant Producer on…

Britain’s Next Top Model 20th March 2014

Paul worked on 3 series of Britain’s Next Top Model, producing additional content for the show to be used by it’s broadcast channel “Living”. Behind the scene tour’s of the girls house in the show, “Get The Look” instructional films for every photo shoot covering hair & make-up, the obligatory eviction films, and chats with the judges we’re all produced, across the globe, wherever the BNTM bandwagon rolled, Paul and his team of video producers would follow to capture the action….

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