SAP 17th March 2015

SAP came to Glassy Pictures Looking for a new animation of their corporate logo, specifically for their new “Code Talk” project.  We were able to talk through a variety of different routes they could take, and once a concept had been agree’d upon, SAP were very happy with final new “Intro” & “Outro” idents that were created.

Reggie Yates – Extreme… 17th March 2015

With it’s second series due to air on the BBC this year, the Reggie Yates series is becoming a benchmark in modern day journalism.  The first series showing a side to South Africa not seen before, and this latest series shining a light on some of the lesser known elements that can be found in Russia if you dig deep enough. After a hugely successful initial TX on BBC 3, and equally successful repeats, the entire first series was subsequently…

Virgin Trains 17th March 2015

In a bid to promote the importance of Customer Service, Virgin Trains commissioned a series of films to be shown internally only.  BAFTA award winning Director Ben Anthony (London 7/7) took the heart warming stories, and using the actual customers involved, crafted 6 emotional accounts to truly show what going the extra mile is, and how much it means to the customer.  Paul was responsible for the final online and grade of all 6 individual films, and the full length compilation….

Silicon Milkroundabout 17th March 2015

The Silicon Milkroundabout is a phenomenon that keeps on giving. Each year some of the founding partners of the first to arrive here stage an ever increasing recruitment event, showcasing to graduates and established players in the industry, why working for a start-up company is so much more beneficial then for working for one of the banks/corporations in the city. Shot and Directed by Gemma Cocker, these films we’re used to help promote the event to fellow start-ups, to demonstrate…

How To Find the Perfect Flatmate 2nd March 2015

As part of the “First Cut” series on Channel 4, Michael Beilinson directed this 1 x 60’ documentary, lifting the cover off the competitive world of flat sharing in London. The documentary achieved better than slot average viewing figures, and was highly praised by the commissioning team at Channel 4.   Paul was additional camera and editor. Director –  Michael Beilinson Editors – Duncan Buchanan & Paul Pritchett-Brown  

Dutch Docklands 2nd March 2015

Dutch Docklands is the global leader in FLOATING developments, concepts and infrastructure.  This X min film, was commissioned for use at the ITB Berlin, to introduce Dutch Docklands to the worlds tourism and travel industry.  With limited video assets, but a brief that portrayed the modern, clean era for which Dutch Docklands promotes and builds for, this film combines motion graphics, video assets, CGI and CAD drawings, resulting in an informative, engaging and entertaining short film. Director : Nick Ryle…

Three Minute Money – Virgin Money 2nd March 2015

Three Minute Money is the title for a series of films, designed to explain different aspects of banking, but instead of the usual dour, monotone voice you come to expect from banks, this comes with the smile and wink (and Peter Serafinowitz voice) you’ll enjoy watching again and again – or at least until you’ve watched them all! UPDATE – Check out the updated versions reflecting the changes in legislation, and a whole new and improved voice too! Director –…

Plant For Peace 24th February 2015

James Brett went from selling pomegranates in paper bags, to selling pallets of their juice in their millions.  With the money he raised, and the contacts he’d made whilst sourcing the fruit, he decided to take on the worlds leading source of illicit money Drugs. By convincing the Afghan government, that growing Pomegranates was a viable alternative to Farmers then the Poppy,  he went on numerous occasions to speak directly to the farmers, and show them the benefits from changing their crops….

Anotherway Associates

Snowskool 19th December 2014

Since setting up in 2003, Snowskool has become one of the country’s largest ski and snowboard instructor course organisers in the country, with operations taking place in Canada, France, New Zealand & Switzerland.  

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