Reggie Yates – Extreme… 17th March 2015

With it’s second series due to air on the BBC this year, the Reggie Yates series is becoming a benchmark in modern day journalism.  The first series showing a side to South Africa not seen before, and this latest series shining a light on some of the lesser known elements that can be found in Russia if you dig deep enough. After a hugely successful initial TX on BBC 3, and equally successful repeats, the entire first series was subsequently…

How To Find the Perfect Flatmate 2nd March 2015

As part of the “First Cut” series on Channel 4, Michael Beilinson directed this 1 x 60’ documentary, lifting the cover off the competitive world of flat sharing in London. The documentary achieved better than slot average viewing figures, and was highly praised by the commissioning team at Channel 4.   Paul was additional camera and editor. Director –  Michael Beilinson Editors – Duncan Buchanan & Paul Pritchett-Brown  

Moshi Monsters – Lady Goo Goo 20th March 2014

The sensation that is Moshi Monsters has spawned many an adorable character, but one that was taken to the hearts of literally millions of children was “Lady Goo Goo” and her musical genius.   Mind Candy were realsing a Moshi Monsters album, and as part of that was the “Lady Goo Goo Dance”. As part of the release, two video’s we’re commissioned, one entirely animated (see the stills above) and a second, featuring a dance routine (think Maccarana for the noughties)…

Break the Taboo – Feature Documentary 20th March 2014

A feature documentary from Sundog Pictures and Spray Filmes recounting the history of the War on Drugs, with contributions from former presidents and Prime Ministers from around the world. Voiced by Morgan Freeman (English Version) & Gael Garcia Bernal (Spanish Version) it kicked started the global conversation on the failing war on drugs. Since it’s launch, US legislation across a number of states has been ammended.  The film is currently available to view on Netflix. Paul was assistant Producer on…

Turtleboy – Channel 4 17th March 2014

A truly heartbreaking Bodyshock special on Channel 4, about the extraordinary story of Didier, a six-year-old boy from Colombia with a giant mole that covered 40% of his body: a story of childhood bravery, cutting-edge medicine and a mother’s love. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-2135021/Turtle-boy-Child-suffers-huge-mole-resembles-shell.html http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/2012/04/24/turtle-boy-preview-channel-4s-bodyshock-colombian-child-giant-growth-_n_1449314.html Director – Kate Horne Additional Camera – Paul Pritchett-Brown    

Alistair The Optimist – MND 17th March 2014

A short film introducing Alistair Banks, an inspirational man, who allowed the National MND charity to focus a national awareness campaign on his dream to record an album, before the degenerative disease he’d been diagnosed with prevented him any further to do so. Whilst working for Current Sponge, Paul filmed and edited the short film, which was used alongside the national print marketing. Alistair sadly lost his fight with MND in 2013, however he did achieve his dream of recording the…

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