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Glassy Pictures was initially setup to represent Paul Pritchett-Brown in his freelance capacity as a Video Editor. It is now so much more than that. 

Paul now splits his time between editing broadcast and online content, with managing a fantastic team of creatives. Producing content for multiple broadcasters and brands, most recently, Nintendo, Viacom/MTV and the NHS.

At Glassy Pictures we believe not all creatives think alike, and as such we'll only use specialist Producers, Directors and crews, bespoke to your project. Want a short series of documentaries on the Marines? We'll use an award winning ex-military Producer.  Cat Food commercial? We know just the DOP. In-house corporate safety video, we know a production manager who’s done hundreds.

Pauls production experience and contacts are reflected in Glassy Pictures ethos, we're only happy when the clients happy, and so far we're hitting 100%!

With very little overheads, Glassy Pictures brings you all the experience, professionalism and creativity you'd expect from a Soho house, but at a fraction of the costs! So if you're looking for a 6 part series exploring the minuate of Cicero, or you want some professional aerial footage/stills of your property, or you just want to chat...
drop me a line and we'd be delighted to hear from you!

Admittedly in need of an update, if you've 5 mins to spare have a little watch of this showreel, which has just a small selection of Glassy Pictures' work.

Portfolio Included with thanks to the content owners! *TOUCH SCREEN USERS - TAP TWICE ON IMAGE TO VIEW*

Our Services Prepare for Awesome!


We have an in-house edit facility that can edit up to Broadcast 4K material, exclusively enterprise storage and a mirrored offsite storage facility to guarantee the safety of your footage/assets. We pride ourselves on our speed, attention to detail and … But we don't have to be just button pushers, Pauls' experience across a wide gamut of genre's allows him to bring a depth of knowledge and ideas to help portray the message/story you are hoping to convey.

Aerial Imagery

Paul is soon to receive his CAA regulated, RPA-s permission to fly, having recently completed the ground school with the Resource Group. If you are thinking of using aerial photography/videogrpahy for one of your projects, please ensure the company you use has this permission to fly. If you are in any doubt, contact Glassy Pictures and we'll be able to tell you if they have or haven't - don't forget, as the client, you can be as culpable as the company flying the platform should anything go wrong!


We produce Broadcast quality productions from start to finish, and can deliver the finished product in whatever format you desire, from Broadcast AS-11 files, Blu-Rays, YouTube optimised files...even VHS if you really want it!
We can help you with your pre-production (arguably the most important stage), budget planning, rights enquiries (both location and Music), Risk Assesment, we have a number of talented self shooting PD's (Producer Directors), or if the budget allows (and the shoot requires!) we can supply an entire crew, ranging from the catering to the award winning Directors!


Effective Stills & Motion Graphics can turn a plain film/campaign/training video into an eye catching memorable experience.

Testimonials Loads of Happy Clients!

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Please don't hesitate to drop us a line. Whatever you're video needs, we'd be delighted to hear from you, the more info you can give us from the off, the quicker we can get things going!

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That would be awesome, but it might be you don't know those things yet, and want to bounce ideas around. That works for us too.

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